Steps to Apply

Step 1 - Starting Process

Letter of Intent: 07/30/2024

According to the administrative rule 6A-6.0792:

 “In addition to IEPC-M1, an applicant must submit the Standard Letter of Intent for Commission Review, incorporated in this rule as IEPC-LOI, effective November 2023 (, which may be obtained electronically on the Department’s website at” 

Step 2 - Complete Your Application

Step 3 - Record An Introduction

Some authorizers have an opportunity for applicants to present their application to the review team before the team reading the application.  Given that this is a state-wide application process, this would not be feasible for applications submitted to the CSRC.  However, in lieu of this, we will allow groups to submit a short (15-minute max) presentation outlining what will make their application unique.  We encourage you to consider these videos a pitch to sell your vision before we read your application.  If you wish to create such a video, you may upload it with your application or send a link to the video to

Step 4 - Upload Your Application

Deadline: 08/20/2024
  • Due 90 days before the commission meeting. 
  • Go to 
  • Complete the online form and upload all files for your application.  Be sure all attachments, budgets, and supporting documentation are included. 

Once we receive your application, we will email you to confirm receipt, and begin reviewing the application to ensure everything has been provided. We will reach out to you within seven days of your submission to either confirm that the application was accepted or to let you know what information may be missing. 

Step 5 - Send A Copy Of Your Application To Your District

Deadline: 08/23/2024

The Administrative rule states: 

“Within three (3) calendar days after an applicant submits an application to the Institute, the applicant must also provide a copy of the application to the school district in which the proposed charter school will be located. Within thirty (30) calendar days after receiving a copy of the application, the school district may provide input…” 

The FCI and the CSRC will consider the input provided by your district in the overall review of the application.

Step 6 - Prepare For Your Interview

Anticipated Date: 10/02/2024
  • Interviews will be held via Zoom
  • We encourage as many Board Members and leadership team members as are available to attend and participate in the interview process. 
  • Remember to review your application prior to your interview thoroughly.  
  • The intention of the interview is to clarify questions about your written application, and to assess the capacity of the governing board to manage the charter school if it were approved. 
  • Please be advised the interviews will be recorded, and copies will be provided to the DOE and Commission with the final recommendations from the FCI. 

Step 7 - FCI Recommendation To The DOE

Next Deadline: 10/19/2024
  • Due 60 days after application deadline
  • The FCI will submit a recommendation and evaluation of the charter application to the Department of Education.  The FCI will inform the applicant group prior to the submission whether it intends to recommend approval or denial of the application.

Step 8 - DOE Review

  • The Department of Education will take the next 22 days to review the application and determine if there are any concerns or disagreements with the FCI recommendation. 
  • Once the review is complete, a copy of the recommendation will be provided to the commission for consideration.

Step 9 - CSRC Meeting

Next Meeting: 11/20/2024
  • The commission will hold a public meeting to review the applications that have been submitted, along with the recommendations of the FCI and DOE. 
  • You may conduct a 5-minute presentation to the Commission to explain your application. 
  • The Department and/or the FCI will present up to 5 minutes to the commission on the recommendation. 
  • The proposed sponsor (district) may also inform the Commission at this meeting.
  • Be prepared for follow-up questions from the Commission, should they have any. 
  • The commission will approve or deny the application with a majority vote. 

Step 10 - Contract Negotiations

  • That is the end of the involvement of the CSRC.  If the Commission approves the application, you will begin working with your sponsor to develop your charter contract.  The district will have 30 days in which to provide you with a draft contract to use in the negotiation.